Upload Files and Make Money From Home


This is Deeploads A website that will pay you when you upload a file and anyone downloads it. And you may be thinking this is hard, but this is actually one of the easiest ways to earn money online. But before I give you that. Pardon me to share with you the screenshot of the inside. It was so beautiful, the design, and I loved it so much that I couldn’t hold myself to share add it here.

Did you like it? I hope you did.

Deeploads Pays You at least 40 cents for any UK, US, CANADA or AUSTRALIA download. And at least 25 cents for all other countries. 40 cents is a base rate. Most downloads earn you over 60 cents. In fact, on their website it says, earn around $1 to $20 for every download. You withdraw when you earn $50. They accept any file type. 🙂

Now let me give you a single tip among thousands of others and how you can get people to download your file. I may end up giving you two but I don’t know yet. Let’s go.

It’s really just all about giving people what they want, what they are looking for, or searching for. Breaking news.

You know about all those popular breaking news, celeb news, celeb flaws, you know stuff like that catch people’s interest. New music release, New popular movie series release, many of them. You can find all of them on google alert. In fact, you can set up a google alert to your email to alert you on any type of that news. Look into it.

Now you can set up a website, a movie download website, trailer or something like that. Or you could also set up a YouTube channel for something like that. But you will have more freedom with the website. YouTube could be riskier if you decide to put up fake news. I can’t advise you to do that, but it could be part of the game.

So you set up a google alert for all those types of things I mentioned above. And once it shows up on your email, you put it on your website and lock the link, or the file with Deeploads. People have an emotional attachment to celebrities and all those kinds of stuff I mentioned above so they will click.

You can make big bucks with this, just to upload files and get paid when there is a download. You could also go on YouTube and find the most popular latest video there. The latest video that got up to 10 million views in 2 days, 3 days or something like that. Then make something interesting or creative about it, like your own reaction or something.

The idea here is to make money with the influence of popular people. You may not know but I have a T.I (music artist) Facebook 4 page likes every single day (no miss) on its own, and I didn’t even create a single post on that page. I am not even interested in that niche. I am on the make money niche. But every single day, that page gets 4-page likes. I don’t know why. 🙂 But I can upload files and get paid from this today.

So give this a try.

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Also, you can find a YouTuber with big subscribers and views, and make a contract with him. Find something on his niche, give him the file and ask him to make a video on it with a call to action to his audience to download or view it. You share 50% of the profit with him or you could pay upfront. There are many many ways you can make money with this. This is just a few.